Daly Way and Daly Connection

These books are available from Resplendence Publishing

Daly Way Book 1: Belonging to Them
Daly Way Book 2: Plays Well With Others
Daly Way Book 3: Fill Her Up
Daly Way Book 4: One For The Team
Daly Way Book 5: Briar’s Cowboys
Daly Way Book 6: Roped by the Team
Daly Way/Daly Connection Book 1: His Old Kentucky Home
Daly Way/Daly Connection Book 2: Eye of Her Storm

A single-document, current book list is available HERE.

9 thoughts on “Daly Way and Daly Connection

  1. Can you see if BN can get you book they do not have one for the team, under their protection,carralled and claimed and something about cowboys in nookbook
    Ps love your books


    1. Thank you!!! I’m so sorry about the delay in replying. I just saw your message now. Under their protection, Corralled and Claimed and Something About Cowboys are still forthcoming, and I’ll announce when they release. Thank you for letting me know about One for the Team! I’ll speak with my publisher about that. It should be available everywhere. ~~Brynn


  2. i have look on your website for daly way series and daly connection. in the daly way series their are three books listed that i cannot find. Book seven which is Under their protection and it said it would be out late 2016. also Book 8 call Corralled and Claimed coming out 2017 and book 9 calle Something About Cowboys coming in 2017. are they out yet and how can i get a copy to buy and read.


    Teresa Rowell


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