New Release

Swapped from Resplendence Publishing

Swapped (RP)

The perks of this job include an invitation to a swinger’s party, but beware: the boss wants far more than overtime in return…

After ten years, things have grown boring in Mallory and Tom DuBois’ marriage. For Mal, it’s the same every day: an online job, keeping house, cooking dinner and sex on Tuesdays and Saturdays—and not good sex either. When Tom’s colleague invites them to a party on Friday night, she expects the usual BS: barbeque and shop-talk. However, seconds after they arrive, she’s whisked away from Tom and she discovers she couldn’t have been more wrong. Her husband’s boss is a swinger, and he wants to swap wives.

Jayson Newman has had his eye on Mallory since the day Tom started at the firm. Now, he wants to have her sweet legs wrapped around him while he claims her as his. What Tom doesn’t realize when he agrees to the swap is that Jayson’s not married and this trade is a one-way deal. Jayson has no intention of relinquishing his prize. Ever.

Forbidden Obsession from Resplendence Publishing


He shouldn’t do it. He really shouldn’t do it…

When Channing O’Connell discovers his sister-in-law has been abused by his twin brother, he knows he must step in and rescue her from the perilous situation. Surely, he can control his lust long enough to get her to the bus station and out of danger.

So much for the best laid plans… On the way to safety, a freak storm blows in and strands them in the middle of nowhere. Alone together, passion flares, and Channing surrenders to his forbidden obsession.

Feeling His Steel from Resplendence Publishing

Feeling His Steel copy

He’ll find his lost love…in the future.

A medieval knight. A modern-day professor. Seven long centuries. A love stronger than time and death. Can anything keep them apart?

Toby Woods is stunned when a chainmail-clad man suddenly appears in his locked office. The captivating intruder claims Toby is his long-lost lover, but Toby is sure this is either an elaborate joke or the guy is certifiably insane. Either way, Toby is firmly in the closet. He’ll lose his teaching position if his conservative employer discovers he’s gay. It doesn’t matter if lust slams through him the moment he sees this rugged warrior. It doesn’t matter if niggling memories whisper that the man’s claims are true. It doesn’t matter if he desires Alwyn more than he’s ever wanted…anything. Or does it?

Sir Alwyn has spent years apart from Tobias, the lover he saw murdered by the hateful men who despised their union. When fate intervenes to save him from another mob, Alwyn finds himself thrust into the future and reunited with the only man he’s ever loved. A man so familiar and yet so foreign. A man who denies he even knows Alwyn’s name. A man whose need Alwyn will never refuse. But can they be together? Even after seven hundred years, some things just haven’t changed at all.

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